At Grey Hair Consulting, we all work among equals. There is no hierarchy, and people are judged purely on experience, expertise and respective contribution. To be the most effective to our clients, we have created an PARTNER MODEL that values Grey Hair Consulting Partners on four important aspects:

  • Our ethics (are non-negotiable)
  • Our industry reputation speaks for our achievements
  • Our Subject Matter Expertise (SME) is unquestioned
  • Our maturity and experience are self-evident.

Through the diverse work experiences the Partners will have performed in our long and successful careers, we are seen to be an attractive and valuable source of assistance for short-term engagements that will add lots of value to the hiring enterprise. We are dedicated to the cause of customer satisfaction, and epitomize the Grey Hair Consulting core values of TASTE (Truth, Accountability, Stretch, Trust, Execution). As such, we will play to our respective strengths, but offer width in other areas through our diverse experience.

We intend adding value in each engagement, and making a difference to the enterprises that hire us. We also intend to leave a legacy behind through skills transfer so that sustainability is achieved, and the enterprise is better placed than when we commenced our engagement. As such, Grey Hair Consulting intends enriching South Africa's skills through a mentorship and learning approach, while being focused on delivering for the task we were hired to achieve.