Ken Jarvis and Bruce MacLaren are two highly experienced, well respected and versatile IT professionals with a combined and exemplary service track record of over 70 years’ experience in the complex and demanding world of ICT (Information Communications and Technology).

They have known each other as friends and business colleagues, and have worked together at various stages for over 30 years. Together, they bring a wealth of experience across a broad spectrum of IT experience, at Executive and Managerial level.

From their initial years together at IBM South Africa, they have grown and matured to enjoy distinguished track records separately as delivery-focussed individuals in a variety of industries, with Bruce’s specific area of expertise being primarily in financial services, and Ken’s being in various public sector and broad industry roles across multiple business sectors.

Ken and Bruce formed Grey Hair Consulting on a common belief that there is significant demand for doing business with vastly experienced people in a trusted manner, while having fun and playing to their respective strengths.