Grey Hair consulting's VISION is to use the collective expertise and knowledge of our Partners to accelerate the performance of South African businesses and corporations to achieve sustained results.

Our approach to achieving this vision is to use our diverse experience, credibility and maturity to ensure we have a focused problem solving offering with a strong emphasis on delivery and value-for-money.

Our value proposition?

  • Experience + Maturity + Wisdom + Insight + Vision = DEPTH
  • Diversity + Multi-discipline + Cross Fertilization of Skills = BREADTH

The Partners team we have assembled in Grey Hair Consulting represents an agglomeration of hundreds of man-years of experience in various areas –

  • simplifying complexity
  • spurring and nurturing innovation
  • strategy development and definition
  • tactical structuring and road-mapping
  • project definition and management
  • and high-level business coaching and training, to name a few

Professional criteria

We apply extremely stringent and professional criteria and ethical standards, and the end result is a carefully selected group of the best, the brightest and the most experienced of South Africa's operating and strategic executives.

What drives us?

What brings our Grey Hair Consulting Partners together, and keeps us united and motivated, is finding an avenue for expressing our own individual passions, as well as using our breadth and depth of experience, and fulfilling our strong need for independence and challenge. By capitalising on our strategic relationships that are a result of hard-earned trust and credibility, we believe the services we offer are unique in that they draw on hundreds of man-years worth of EXPERIENCE in and with some of South Africa's largest and best known companies and corporations. We offer a robust and mature approach to business challenges across multiple silos. Customers will benefit directly from our proven deep and broad strategic and tactical experience that is a result from the varied team of Grey Hair Consulting Partners.

What we are not?

It is equally important to know what WE ARE NOT – we are not a body shop, a labour broker or a big employer, nor are we burdened by bureaucracy, nor are we an army of smart young graduates and we are definitely not a collection of unrelated skills. We do not have an army of bodies and implementers to feed, and we operate only in areas that require extreme depth of experience and a broad view of problem solving. We are specifically interested in challenges that require complexity analysis, creative thinking and long experience to manage. And we have the courage and experience to say NO when we cannot do an assignment or role that is not within our capacity.

We sell rare Intellectual Property

We unashamedly offer a premium priced service, but we argue it is always in a "value for money" context because we are not selling "sweat" but rare IP (Intellectual Property). We span multiple sectors (private and public), and are not averse to operating on a shared risk / shared reward basis. We thrive on challenging problems or innovative opportunities, and we are definitely age agnostic.

Welcome to the exciting world of grey hair consulting - this is OUR WORLD!