Rob Morris
Industry Solutions Leader
IBM Software Group: IBM UK

"Having had the privilege of working with both Bruce and Ken as colleagues, customers and competitors over a 20 year period, I have been fortunate to experience the value that they have delivered to a wide variety of corporate clients. It was a far better experience being a customer and a colleague, than being a competitor to these two!

The size, scope and complexity of the engagements that they have been part of both locally and internationally and the outcomes that were successfully delivered are a tribute to their inclusive approach, world class negotiating skills and drive for the right outcomes.

The trust, integrity and relationships that they build with their clients and teams and the phenomenal reach of their network augur well for the success of grey hair consulting.

The only dilemma they have is …. Do you need hair to be part of grey hair consulting….. ?"

Willie Scholtz
Previously Managing Director of IBM South Africa and Nedbank Divisional Executive
Currently Business Against Crime Ambassador

"I was delighted when I heard that Bruce MacLaren and Ken Jarvis decided to make their collective skills available to the South African market at a time when many other people are seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

I have worked side by side with Bruce for more than 35 years and I have known and worked with Ken for more than 20 years. We worked as colleagues in a supplier environment in IBM where both of them excelled. We also worked together as colleagues in a customer environment.

When I think of Bruce and Ken, I think of passion, integrity and unflinching commitment. I have found them to always deliver on their promises and if something did not work as planned, they would call it out even if it reflected negatively on their person. Anyone who has worked with them before will pay tribute to their good ethics and professionalism and their focus on delivering quality.

Whatever future challenge they may face when they assist you to find appropriate business solutions, I will be extremely surprised if they did not "find a way" to impress you.

I look forward to watching them while they continue to do what they have done so well for many decades. I know that they will continue to build enduring relationships and that they will keep on building on their already enviable reputations.

I wish them success in this new venture with grey hair consulting."

Jason Goodall
Group Chief Operating Officer
Dimension Data Holdings plc

"I have known Bruce for over 20 years and Ken for over 10 years in various capacities - as a fellow IBM and Dimension Data colleague (in Bruce's case), both of them as a Dimension Data customer and also as business associates. The over-riding impression they leave me with is one of high integrity, strong ethics, along with a level of professionalism and service focus not often encountered in today's business environment, and a consuming will to "find a way" despite any challenges they might encounter.

These are guys who have been there and done it themselves, both as Vendors and Customers. They understand the challenges IT professionals face every day and have personally made the tough decisions that are required in the competitive world we all have to operate in. Their value is in the execution and pragmatic approach, compared to the theoretical approach that is often associated with consulting type engagements.

They build enduring relationships based on these principles, and have achieved enviable reputations for delivery and reliability in a highly competitive world!

I wish them all success in this new venture with grey hair consulting."