business strategy


    Why Choose us

    • We have the breadth and depth of experience to think differently about what really needs to change in any organisation and how to achieve it.
    • We use the best in-house people in all engagements to develop core competence and organisational resilience. We do not take over.
    • We have all been around the block many times. We know that formulae do not work over the long term. We know that deep experience and adaptability to circumstances do work.
    • We work best in organisations with problems they either cannot articulate or solve. If they can do either, then why resort to outside help?
    • We have all sat in the big chair. We know how isolated and lonely it can be. We can be trusted sounding boards and mentors.

    We help business start-ups to translate their business concept into a viable and sustainable business. The entrepreneur often has a concept for a start up, but does not have the experience to translate that concept into a viable and sustainable business.

    Our services include:

    • Establishing a business plan that will enable the entrepreneur to secure funding
    • Securing funding
    • Operational assistance in setting up the business


    Turnaround strategies must “stop the bleeding” quickly and stabilise a new leaner organisation.
    Within a large corporation incubation of a new business is often called a Skunk Works. This describes a select group within organisations given a high degree of autonomy, freed up from bureaucracy and tasked with working on game changing projects. Unless these projects are protected in this way, the prevailing business culture will prevent them from getting passed the concept stage.

    Our services include:

    • External mentoring to challenge notions of what is possible and incubate innovative projects
    • Support in Strategic analysis and Scenario planning
    • In depth analysis of business plans
    • Project management consultation and delivery



    Improving financial performance
    We assist you to improve your finance function from troubleshooting, leading improvement projects, setting up shared services and advising on whether to outsource, insource or co-source your businesses financial processes and systems.  The Grey Hair Consulting team can help you setup and run the financial aspects of your business in a way that works for you and your team and when needed we can provide interim management or directorship expertise.

    Finance is a critical support function in any business that is serious about making money.

    Our services include:

    Preparing the Business Case: Grey Hair Consulting can help you prepare your business case for that very important capital injection, whether it be to 'run the business' or 'grow the business'.

    Financial Management: Grey Hair Consulting can help you set up, or improve, your finance function.  We help you to improve your finance processes and optimise your finance structures. We can also help you reduce the time it takes you take to close your books, particularly if you are reporting to a holding company located outside of South Africa.

    Legislative Compliance: Grey Hair Consulting can help you prepare your annual financial statements according to your governance frameworks whether International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), IFRS for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's), Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP) or Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP - until it is phased out later this year). As we do this, we will transfer these critical skills to your finance team.

    Interim Management: Grey Hair Consulting can provide you with various interim management solutions for your finance department and related functions, such as payroll, treasury and cash management.

    Finance Projects: Grey Hair Consulting can help you run various finance projects, particularly if you need to integrate or separate your finance function after a business acquisition or disposal.

    If you need to centralise or decentralise your finance function through centres of excellence, sharing of common services, or decision support in the business or operations, we can help you do that, using our trusted project methodologies.

    Finance & Tax: At Grey Hair Consulting, we offer specialized assistance in the complex and ever-changing field of tax and associated financial matters. Our Associate in this area brings years of specialisation and focus to this vital business area, and will bring significant assistance to your business too!



    Technology is dramatically changing the fundamentals of business.

    Our services include:

    Business & IT Consulting: Technology is enabling a new reality of what can be achieved, and there is a requirement for "different" thinking to achieve and prosper in this "new economy".  Grey Hair Consulting offers deep industry and technology experience and expertise to successfully devise winning strategies for your business challenges. 

    IT Strategy: We help clients develop and streamline their business strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness, as well as ensuring these strategies align with IT strategies taking into account the King III report on IT governance. We bring both business and IT experience to the table, and apply independent and experienced advice to the organisation’s business strategy.

    Vendor Management: Having served on both sides of the fence as successful vendors and demanding customers, we are especially qualified to add major value in this area with hands-on experience in negotiating some of the biggest deals conducted in Corporate IT in South Africa.

    Contract Negotiations: With years of experience of doing contract and vendor negotiations from both sides (supplier and customer) we are uniquely qualified to add substantial value in this area, leading to reduced contract negotiation time (and corresponding cost savings).



    Strategy Facilitation: We bring years of experience in Strategy Facilitation. We currently chair and facilitate such sessions for a variety of clients from large enterprises (JSE listed) to more intimate start-up or fledgling businesses, and have achieved an enviable reputation for achieving excellent results.

    The word Facilitator means to 'make easier' (derived from the French word 'facile') and the core philosophy of this role is that people support what we create; through collaboration and collective thinking we achieve greater outcomes and making complex concepts simpler to enable delivery.

    The key role of the Strategy Facilitator is to remain content and politically agnostic – to remain truly neutral, and yet to guide a group of Executives in a very structured manner to achieve a set business outcome. By bringing deep business knowledge, and strongly coupled with savvy people insights, the Strategy Facilitator is able to achieve a tangible goal or business outcome in a relatively short time frame– such as a three year strategy road map, a business plan, and even extending to a project charter or other business artifact, a secondary, less tangible but often more important outcome, would be to achieve:

    • Common understanding and cohesion
    • Gain greater consensus and
    • Maintain or increase momentum in the business or enterprise

    The expectation from the Strategy Facilitator is to move away from personal agendas, time wastage and frustrations at strategy planning sessions, often caused by unstructured conversations and the fact that people simply do not all communicate in the same way. An example would be from the "I am a strategic thinker, fast paced, and totally focused on the why and not interested in the how" versus a possible "I am analytical implementer, valuing high levels of information, detail and accuracy, and totally focusing on the how".

    The Strategy Facilitator layers the business conversations, allowing all levels to be reached, and keeping people interested through the process, and is highly committed and present at all times in order to allow participants to actually hear each other, understand each other, and then reach consensus to move forward. Today's thinking has less tolerance for a majority vote, and more acceptance for integrated thinking and fully inclusive decision consensus. Leaders push in a strong direction, consultants give subject matter advice, technical specialists offer solutions, managers define what needs to be done, subject matter experts provide the answers, and team members debate the ideas – the Strategy Facilitator enables the constituent group to decide what is best AS A GROUP. This allows the participants in the discussion to focus on what we are passionate about – whilst the facilitator focuses on crafting their strategy.

    Grey Hair Consulting brings years of experience in Strategy Facilitation. We currently chair and facilitate such sessions for a variety of clients from large enterprises (JSE listed) to more intimate start-up or fledgling businesses, and have achieved an enviable reputation for achieving excellent results in this area. Using an array of tools and methodologies, we will move the conversation from theory to real commitment on choices – from blue sky concepts to repeatable offerings and on to sustainable maintenance. We ensure an effective business outcome is achieved via solid ground rules, a depth of practical business experience, adhering to a clear process, and managing the necessary soft skills needed to ensure the meeting objectives are achieved with maximum audience participation.