• The Creative CIO


    By Ken Jarvis, co-founder of Grey Hair Consulting – published in the April 2014 issue of ITWeb Brainstorm magazine.
    CIOs are expected to have excellent operational performance and still add 'value' to the business. What this means is that CIOs need to be both in control of and let go of processes. Let's take cloud computing as an example: it can be the CIO's worst nightmare or biggest value-creator for business. Allowing business the freedom to do what it wants is critical. However, it's vital that governance and the architecture are adhered to.

    If CIOs continue to be controlling, they will be isolated and bypassed, which is why they have to be creative to succeed.

    Creativity is a mindset, an intentional way of thinking and doing things. Creativity can be balanced with the logic or analytical thinking that many CIOs and IT teams possess. This is what's called whole-brained thinking: where the balance of logic and creativity work together symbiotically.

    CIOs need to ask probing questions and experiment with new possibilities. They need to create and consistently drive innovation by allowing their teams to be more creative. This doesn't mean forcing IT teams that are more analytical to give up this skill; it means fostering an environment of whole-brained thinking.