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    Why Choose us

    • We have the breadth and depth of experience to think differently about what really needs to change in any organisation and how to achieve it.
    • We use the best in-house people in all engagements to develop core competence and organisational resilience. We do not take over.
    • We have all been around the block many times. We know that formulae do not work over the long term. We know that deep experience and adaptability to circumstances do work.
    • We work best in organisations with problems they either cannot articulate or solve. If they can do either, then why resort to outside help?
    • We have all sat in the big chair. We know how isolated and lonely it can be. We can be trusted sounding boards and mentors.

    We bridge the “execution gap” between strategy and results to create value for your organization.

    The acknowledged NUMBER ONE ISSUE for CEO's and other C-suite executives is EXECUTION.

    If one looks at most typical organisations, everyone should have a business strategy. At the back end, one has the results one generates. But in most organisations, there's an "execution gap" between business strategy and results, which is where real work gets done and where value gets created for a business.

    Grey Hair Consulting helps you close this frustrating execution gap in two ways:

    • Business Alignment: we help you break down your strategy into department, team and individual goals and provide you with skills and resources that have "been there, done that successfully" to monitor progress against them in real-time so you can proactively guide business results.
    • People Performance: we help make sure you have the right people in the right jobs and that every person on your team is performing to their full potential.

    Our services include:

    Business Strategy: Is your business strategy failing or not moving fast enough? Is your business stagnating? Or are you finding it difficult to shift your business easily? These are the types of business challenges we thrive on. We will help you to develop effective business strategies that will transform, grow and sustain your business.

    Strategy Facilitation: We bring years of experience in Strategy Facilitation. We currently chair and facilitate such sessions for a variety of clients from large enterprises (JSE listed) to more intimate start-up or fledgling businesses, and have achieved an enviable reputation for achieving excellent results.  Read more

    Mergers and Acquisitions: We offer consulting in the areas of pre- and post-mergers and acquisitions, including commercial due diligence, deal structuring and post-acquisition integration management.

    Change management: Organisations understand that to thrive in today’s world they must change quickly. They often focus their attention on the best strategies and plans for change, but fall short when it comes to the human side of change management. 

    Business Turnaround: Turnaround strategies must “stop the bleeding” quickly and stabilise a new leaner organisation. Within a large corporation incubation of a new business is often called a Skunk Works. This describes a select group within organisations given a high degree of autonomy, freed up from bureaucracy and tasked with working on game changing projects. Unless these projects are protected in this way, the prevailing business culture will prevent them from getting passed the concept stage.

    Our services include:

    • External mentoring to challenge notions of what is possible and incubate innovative projects
    • Support in Strategic analysis and Scenario planning
    • In depth analysis of business plans
    • Project management consultation and delivery



    If you have a complex project that has stalled or fallen off the rails our track record and previous successes are unmatched.

    An organisations  ability to grow and transform lies in their ability to define and manage projects well. The project clinic assists you get this right.

    Our services include:

    Project Resources: Grey Hair Consulting provides skilled Project Managers who have delivered consistently on projects, from the most complex to relatively simple. Our track record and previous successes define our credibility and reputation, and we bring years of experience to the challenges demanded for delivering a project on time, within time and budget boundaries, and with the necessary quality that is expected.