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    Our services include:

    Sales development and Strategy development: We help you develop sales strategies, and sales teams, to better achieve business and individual sales targets. We have years of hands-on experience in closing some of the biggest deals done in corporate South Africa, and have personal sales achievement records that stand any scrutiny.

    Through personal involvement in developing account plans and calling matrices, and assessing the right time to ask for a sales close, and as importantly knowing when to say "NO" to the customer, teams and individuals will benefit from this association and practical advice provided.

    Through extensive experience, we rigorously follow a "THREE C" model – you must know your COMPANY's value proposition, and this must be matched with your CUSTOMER's needs, and finally you must have an in-depth understanding of COMPETITION offerings to assist the customer to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of all offerings, including your own.

    Grey hair consulting brings deep experience to this area. With years of experience in sales environments and demanding quotas, we have hands-on experience in managing sales teams, different personality types, and across a wide variety of customers and industries. We provide practical and intensive focus to ensure sales teams perform to the organisation's expectations, and as importantly, preserve and enhance the organisation's reputation for "delivering what was promised".

    Customer insights, competitors and positioning - We help you to reality check your value proposition, ensure this is matched to your customer needs and benchmark it against your competitors.
    Branding, Marketing, Communications - The best sales strategy is a great message. Our experienced marketing communications consultants can provide input and advice on your positioning, messaging, branding and marketing tactics. 

    Customer loyalty and retention - Customer retention and loyalty is a top priority for any organisation. Our consultants can develop retention strategies, advise on the use of digital marketing and the web as a key tool for engaging with customers, and assist with assessing your existing CRM strategies.    


    Strategy Facilitation: We bring years of experience in Strategy Facilitation. We currently chair and facilitate such sessions for a variety of clients from large enterprises (JSE listed) to more intimate start-up or fledgling businesses, and have achieved an enviable reputation for achieving excellent results.

    The word Facilitator means to 'make easier' (derived from the French word 'facile') and the core philosophy of this role is that people support what we create; through collaboration and collective thinking we achieve greater outcomes and making complex concepts simpler to enable delivery.

    The key role of the Strategy Facilitator is to remain content and politically agnostic – to remain truly neutral, and yet to guide a group of Executives in a very structured manner to achieve a set business outcome. By bringing deep business knowledge, and strongly coupled with savvy people insights, the Strategy Facilitator is able to achieve a tangible goal or business outcome in a relatively short time frame– such as a three year strategy road map, a business plan, and even extending to a project charter or other business artifact, a secondary, less tangible but often more important outcome, would be to achieve:

    • Common understanding and cohesion
    • Gain greater consensus and
    • Maintain or increase momentum in the business or enterprise

    The expectation from the Strategy Facilitator is to move away from personal agendas, time wastage and frustrations at strategy planning sessions, often caused by unstructured conversations and the fact that people simply do not all communicate in the same way. An example would be from the "I am a strategic thinker, fast paced, and totally focused on the why and not interested in the how" versus a possible "I am analytical implementer, valuing high levels of information, detail and accuracy, and totally focusing on the how".

    The Strategy Facilitator layers the business conversations, allowing all levels to be reached, and keeping people interested through the process, and is highly committed and present at all times in order to allow participants to actually hear each other, understand each other, and then reach consensus to move forward. Today's thinking has less tolerance for a majority vote, and more acceptance for integrated thinking and fully inclusive decision consensus. Leaders push in a strong direction, consultants give subject matter advice, technical specialists offer solutions, managers define what needs to be done, subject matter experts provide the answers, and team members debate the ideas – the Strategy Facilitator enables the constituent group to decide what is best AS A GROUP. This allows the participants in the discussion to focus on what we are passionate about – whilst the facilitator focuses on crafting their strategy.

    Grey Hair Consulting brings years of experience in Strategy Facilitation. We currently chair and facilitate such sessions for a variety of clients from large enterprises (JSE listed) to more intimate start-up or fledgling businesses, and have achieved an enviable reputation for achieving excellent results in this area. Using an array of tools and methodologies, we will move the conversation from theory to real commitment on choices – from blue sky concepts to repeatable offerings and on to sustainable maintenance. We ensure an effective business outcome is achieved via solid ground rules, a depth of practical business experience, adhering to a clear process, and managing the necessary soft skills needed to ensure the meeting objectives are achieved with maximum audience participation.