Grey Hair Consulting offers team and individual mentoring and coaching. While often used and referred to interchangeably, there are important differences between Coaching and Mentoring. The two definitions below might better position these differences -

    • Executive Coaching : Working with Executives to enhance their leadership effectiveness, performance and career or personal progression within a specific context. This may include development and integration of specific mind-sets and behaviours as well as a focus on identified requirements needed for the application of capability. Ideally, the coach brings not only an enhanced range of skill-sets that can be tapped but more importantly aims to transform the mind-set with new issue-specific perspectives. It is more instructional in focus.
    • Business Mentoring for Executives : Guidance and direction from an experienced person such that the individual is challenged to explore and integrate new perspectives. Mentoring is aimed at the individual achieving their full potential in their career or life situation, and includes guidance and advice on specific business and personal challenges. Ideally, the mentor should have broad useful experience and the ability to share that with you at a practical and pragmatic level that is goal-directed and which you can adapt and apply to your own strategic business or personal success. It is more "shared experience" in focus.

    However, mentoring and coaching do appropriately overlap in the following areas to achieve the desired outcome sought by enterprises and the needs of the business:

    • both require trust and commitment in the process and substantial interpersonal skills from coach and mentor
    • both aim for the individual to increase his or her effectiveness and apply it to the tasks at hand in a positive manner
    • both encourage stretch and provide support and challenge in pursuit of this
    • both focus on learning and development – sometimes defined as nominating coaching from a skill-base, and mentoring from an experience-base
    • both can include career guidance to review career goals and capabilities
    • both involve an exchange of life and career experiences
    • both are collaborative alliances between client and mentor or coach

    Grey Hair Consulting brings years of experience in growing and developing people to achieve better life and work outcomes. We have nurtured, mentored and coached some of the leading talent in South Africa. Through various senior Executive positions held, and practical experience in motivating individuals and teams to better performance, grey hair consulting is well placed to enhance and address any business and/or personal issues one may have. Through adopting a clear process starting with an intake session(s), and moving on to exploring possibilities, and finally developing an agreed action plan that is then implemented and tracked to provide visible progress and growth indicators at individual and team levels, the desired growth and development is achieved.

    Interim Executives or Directorships: We provide highly experienced executive-level consultants on an interim basis to ensure the relevant business function continues uninterrupted.

    Board Representation Capability: Many of our associates are on, or have functioned in a board capacity for many years.



    Team Motivation: We bring vast experience and proven battle scars to the need for aligned teamwork to ensure success. The world is rapidly moving to an integrated approach, and ensuring that all the gears in a business cog work in synchronisation is vital for success.

    The importance of individual heroism has been gradually surpassed by the acknowledged emphasis now placed so firmly on TEAM ACHIEVEMENTS. While there will always be the superb individual efforts that stand out and get noticed, more and more it is the collective energy and achievements of teams that are getting the deserved and much-overdue recognition.

    Through years of experience in both large multinational and local enterprises, and within smaller organisations in South Africa, Grey Hair Consulting people have covered all ends of the recognition spectrum, from elite international awards for superlative individual achievement, to team awards for significant or ground-breaking team achievements.

    By assuming and highlighting the various characteristics and behaviours necessary for team achievement, Grey Hair Consulting brings humour, wisdom, experience and practical application to ensure team efforts result in optimal performance. Some of these characteristics and behaviours covered are:

    • MEASUREMENTS– you get what you measure. These must be well defined, and aligned to team and individual contributions
    • ROLE CLARITY – you must understand, with no room for mis-interpretation, who will be performing what role to what purpose
    • CULTURE – an atmosphere of trust, integrity, accountability and transparency must be fostered for teams to thrive
    • FOCUS ON STRENGTHS – by turning average into great and a deep focus on inherent skills and strengths, you ensure people are used to their most productive contribution
    • COMPLEMENTARY SKILLS – effective teams are made up of disparate people with different competencies, yet all aligned to a common and well understood goal
    • PERFECT THE BASICS – you cannot profess mastery unless you have the basics perfected. The best teams do the basics better than any other team.
    • PREPARATION – is vital. Having talent is merely a ticket to the match, and not an end result. What you do with that talent, and how you prepare to use it, will determine success over average performance.

    Grey Hair Consulting brings vast experience and proven battle scars to the need for aligned teamwork to ensure success. The world is rapidly moving to an integrated approach, and ensuring that all the gears in a business cog work in synchronisation is vital for success. Grey Hair Consulting will align individual and team behaviour to ensure optimal performance.