A risk to your organisation’s reputation is a threat to the survival of the business.


Reputation Management: We assist organisations to create a corporate reputation infrastructure where reputation management becomes a critical component of the business strategy.  We will provide you with the tools, resources and skills transfer to embed a sustainable reputation management strategy within your organisation.

Crises Communications: Reputations take years to build and yet can be destroyed in seconds. We assist organisations to create a well-documented, actionable, understood and tested response and crises communications framework. 

Stakeholder engagement: We assist companies to develop a stakeholder engagement framework, analyse and make recommendations for the effective governance of stakeholder relationships, identify the relevant stakeholders - primary and secondary - as well as develop a method of engagement, communications plan, risk management and evaluation.

Internal Communications: Think of communication as the neural network in the human body. Any misfire in communication creates inefficiency and even dysfunction. How can we expect employees to execute strategies, meet expectations and achieve company goals if we don’t effectively communicate these to them?

Public Relations: You cannot do great PR without a PR strategy and measurement  framework. Often PR campaigns lack a strong strategic and integrated framework that is essential to ensure all elements of the marketing and brand mix work as one. Many organisations also struggle to measure the success of their efforts. We will help you to develop and implement these frameworks while transferring our skills to your teams to ensure your communications and PR efforts do not go to waste.

Market Insights: We provide competitor research & analysis as well as market research & analysis.

Digital Communication Strategies: with the proliferation of digital channels it is often difficult to determine how and where to reach your audiences. We will help you research your audiences and create a digital strategy that ensures you use the appropriate digital and social media channels, content strategies and engagement practices to get results.