Our services include:

Sales development and Strategy development: We help you develop sales strategies, and sales teams, to better achieve business and individual sales targets. We have years of hands-on experience in closing some of the biggest deals done in corporate South Africa, and have personal sales achievement records that stand any scrutiny.

Through personal involvement in developing account plans and calling matrices, and assessing the right time to ask for a sales close, and as importantly knowing when to say "NO" to the customer, teams and individuals will benefit from this association and practical advice provided.

Through extensive experience, we rigorously follow a "THREE C" model – you must know your COMPANY's value proposition, and this must be matched with your CUSTOMER's needs, and finally you must have an in-depth understanding of COMPETITION offerings to assist the customer to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of all offerings, including your own.

Grey hair consulting brings deep experience to this area. With years of experience in sales environments and demanding quotas, we have hands-on experience in managing sales teams, different personality types, and across a wide variety of customers and industries. We provide practical and intensive focus to ensure sales teams perform to the organisation's expectations, and as importantly, preserve and enhance the organisation's reputation for "delivering what was promised".

Customer insights, competitors and positioning - We help you to reality check your value proposition, ensure this is matched to your customer needs and benchmark it against your competitors.
Branding, Marketing, Communications - The best sales strategy is a great message. Our experienced marketing communications consultants can provide input and advice on your positioning, messaging, branding and marketing tactics. 

Customer loyalty and retention - Customer retention and loyalty is a top priority for any organisation. Our consultants can develop retention strategies, advise on the use of digital marketing and the web as a key tool for engaging with customers, and assist with assessing your existing CRM strategies.