IT Strategy: We help clients develop and streamline their business strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness, as well as ensuring these strategies align with IT strategies taking into account the King III report on IT governance. We bring both business and IT experience to the table, and apply independent and experienced advice to the organisation’s business strategy.

An organization's IT strategy should provide a roadmap for enterprises of how IT will be implemented within an enterprise, and should have a close alignment with the enterprise's business strategy to ensure alignment and congruence with the King III report.

Typically the IT strategy should span a period of three to five years, and should include the following actions:

  • Produce an inventory of the enterprise's current hardware, software, and system assets. Consider its life expectancy within the enterprise (hardware is normally far less than software and systems, and consumes far less of the budget).
  • Produce a skills matrix of the people the enterprise has to support these assets. Review this against the enterprise's future requirements, aligned to its business growth objectives. And then determine how closely the strategy meets those needs and objectives.
  • Define the gap between what the enterprise currently has (the "AS IS") and the systems, resources and people that it needs (the "TO BE").
  • Decide on the general technology standards that the enterprise will use - e.g. the hardware platforms, operating systems, the development languages, and any of the methodologies that it intends to use.
  • Review the IT infrastructure and support that will be needed to fill the gaps identified.
  • Determine and agree on the key partnerships and vendor relationships the enterprise has, or will need, to execute on this strategy.
  • Define a programme of prioritised implementation projects, with defined start and end dates, to close the gap between the enterprise's current IT provision and what it aims for at the end of the plan.
  • Produce budgets and cost estimates so that one knows roughly how much one will need to spend, and when.
  • Check that this IT strategy will fit in and strongly support the enterprise's overall business plan.

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