Building better leaders is no easy feat, leaders need to be coached, mentored and developed for the sustainability of your business. Teams need to be able to work together effectively to achieve better performance and drive your business objectives. With Grey Hair Consulting you are able to draw on our wealth of mentoring, coaching, facilitation, motivational and leadership development experience to develop your people into better executives.

Executive Mentoring & Coaching:

We bring years of experience in growing and developing people to achieve better life and work outcomes. We have nurtured, mentored and coached some of the leading  talent in South Africa. 



We bring vast experience and proven battle scars to the need for aligned teamwork to ensure success. The world is rapidly moving to an integrated approach, and ensuring that all the gears in a business cog work in synchronisation is vital for success.


Leadership Development

We currently chair large and small forums for various organisations and have achieved an enviable reputation for achieving excellent results in this area. Through previous and varied chair and facilitation roles, we ensure an effective outcome is achieved via solid ground rules, the importance of timeliness, adhering to a clear process, providing and allowing for flexibility, and following good closure techniques to ensure the meeting objectives are achieved with maximum participation.



Some of our consultants are recognised speakers having presented talks and workshops to both local and international audiences.